Drug Rehabs in Westchester, PA

Drug rehabs in Westchester provides a combination of therapies and treatments designed to improve likely outcomes for people recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. Specialists within drug and alcohol rehab centers tailor the right types of therapies and medications to suit each person's individual needs.

A drug rehab facility is a specialized care center dedicated to recovering drug or alcohol addicts. Drug rehabs in Westchester provides a safe environment for recovering people to focus on learning strong new skills and strategies for remaining sober over the long term.

Addiction specialists within drug and alcohol rehab centers can administer prescription medications to help ease the worst of any symptoms of withdrawal during the detox process. Medical detox in Westchester is only the first stage in a comprehensive treatment program and only works to rid the body of the effects of drugs or alcohol.

In order to make a successful recovery from addiction, it's also important to address the underlying psychological triggers behind dysfunctional behaviors associated with addiction. Therapy and counseling sessions work to identify each person's individual triggers and find strong ways to avoid high-risk people and situations associated with using.

A major part of the recovery process is learning strong new strategies for relapse prevention in Westchester. Drug rehab programs help each person learn to recognize their own early warning signs of a potential relapse and then develop healthy ways to avoid returning to self-destructive patterns of behavior.

In order to improve the chances of remaining clean and sober for the long term after leaving drug and alcohol rehab centers, people are given access to a range of aftercare services. The person may have left rehab, but not everyone is ready to face sobriety alone. Aftercare services provide the ongoing support, therapy, and counseling needed to maintain motivation to stay sober.

Common Drugs of Abuse

Some types of drugs are more commonly abused than others. Likewise, there may be a higher percentage of people entering into drug rehabs in Westchester for treatment to addiction to some types of drugs over others.

Opiate drugs continue to be an increasing public health concern across the state. The National Institute on Drug Abuse cites heroin as being one of the predominant drugs of abuse for those entering into drug rehabs in Westchester has programs for treatment and in the number of drug overdose deaths.

Prescription opioid painkiller medications also remain an increasing problem, with a higher number of accidental overdose deaths recorded from abuse of medications such as oxycodone (OxyContin) than heroin.

Alcohol use was also high across the state. It was also the most frequently mentioned drug of abuse for people entering into drug and alcohol rehab centers.

Treatment Options for Addiction

There are two primary treatment options for people with drug or alcohol addiction: inpatient and outpatient.

Outpatient drug rehabs in Westchester have programs that are comprehensively structured and require a significant time commitment. The recovering person is required to check in with addiction specialists daily in order to receive prescription medications and to attend counseling or therapy sessions or group support meetings. When sessions are completed for the day, the person is able to return to independent living.

By comparison, inpatient drug rehab programs require the person to reside at the residential treatment facility for the entire duration of treatment. The treatment programs are equally as comprehensive and highly structured as those offered in outpatient rehab, but the person has the advantage of being removed from people and places that may be strongly associated with using.

Who Needs to Enter a Drug Rehab in Westchester?

Anyone struggling to break free from a cycle of addictive substance abuse needs to seek professional treatment at drug rehabs in West Chester. Despite the broad availability of drug rehab facilities right across the state, many people avoid entering into treatment.

A large number of people caught in the grip of addiction are in denial about the extent of their problem, believing they can still quit whenever they want to. They just tell themselves they don't want to, so they continue a cycle of substance abuse, spiraling deeper into the depths of addiction.

Others seem to believe they can detox at home. They believe they only need to tough it out for a few rough days during detox and then they'll somehow be completely cured of their addiction once the worst is over.

What those people don't recognize is that detox is only one aspect of treating drug and alcohol addiction. Drug rehab programs begin treatment with the detox process, but in order to ensure the person remains sober, specialized therapies and counseling sessions begin to address the underlying psychological triggers behind self-destructive drug or alcohol use. Call Westchester Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers now for help at (484) 357-1976.

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